Custom Software Development

In today’s world when there are millions of pre-packaged software applications available to address the need of a specific industry, there is still room for features that can be developed on top of a software application. On the other side there are software applications which are sometimes unique and not usually built or sold by independent software vendors or software publishers or less featured and fulfill a small percentage of features required by the customer.

In cases like these when a company have requirements of customised software development, they will definitely need to contact a service provider who can provide a fully-featured, cost-effective, secure and scalable custom software solution, which also guarantees future investment protection and easy manageability of software application, sometimes by in house teams.

Our Customized Software Development services

To address the customised requirements of software development of an organisation, ASP Solutions provides end-to-end customised software development services based on our proven offshore outsourcing software development model. We follow on highly technical, result oriented for rapid prototyping, software development, testing and implementation processes built on top of Microsoft® Solutions Framework agile standards, which helps our analysts, integrators and developers to better understand process software requirements specification into a real model of software application,

Technology skill which matters 

In current worldwide economic conditions, corporations are finding simplified ways to integrate technology solutions to improve their mission critical business processes. ASP experience in mid to large sized customised software development, including the required rapid prototyping, quality testing, implementation and training services. ASP employs only top notch and high level architects, DBAs, programmers and developers (most of them are MCSD, MCAD, OCP and MCDBA). Having in-depth experience and skill-set on board ensures your custom software development needs are being taken full care.

Integrated unit testing

When developing a customised software application our teams develop integrated unit tests to empower quality testing on branches and snippets of the code, building a very high performance and virtually error free software application. High level unit testing of your custom software projects also ensures that the end product delivered is bug free.

Rapid Prototyping

Whenever building a new customised software application, and in order to synchronize both parties of what the customised software application will look like once completely developed, we initially complete a rapid prototyping of the application based on the level of details specified by you or suggested by our consultants. Rapid prototyping of a customised application includes mockups and wire frame building, identifying key users and stake holders of the application and information entered & retrieved from the software application. Pre software development rapid prototyping of a customised software development helps end users to attain better understanding and the working knowledge of the application because the end users or the one which enters or retrieves information are the key users which will be using the customised software application on a day to day basis.

Your own technology standards

While working with our offshore outsourcing teams, you have the option to specify your own customised coding conventions, database conventions, unit testing conventions, standards and best practices. This value added service of our customized software development offers you optimized and managed control on your project and source codes. Your technology standards ensure you that once the project is delivered; the source code and other artifacts delivered will be making a lot more sense than what they would have made when developed with some 3rd party’s style or with no standards.

Either you have a completely built business specifications of your application, an RFP, a prototype, or just an idea with few mockups to begin with, you can always contact us for more tailored outsourced software development needs.

You can look at our technology expertise below, or you check more detailed version of it.

  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 - for rapid, scalable, reliable and secure development
    • ASP.NET / C# / VB.NET - for rapid web application development
    • Web Services - for building multi node applications
    • Atlas (Ajax) - for rich user interface
    • SmartDevices - for mobile information availability
    • Windows Services - for daemon services
    • Packaging - for distributing application to your customers
    • Globalization - to help targeting different markets
  • SQL Server 2005 - for robust database developments
    • IS, OLTP - for connecting systems
    • BI, OLAP - for rich analytics
  • Web - for global distribution of knowledge
    • SOA - for n-tier architectures
    • ISAPI, Handlers - for customised presentations and behaviors

If you feel that there is a technology stated above with which we can help you, should you click below link to send us an inquiry.

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3rd Party Expertise
  • Applications 
    • ACT!
    • Ariba
    • EPI Server
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Percussion
    • Siebel
    • Stellent
    • Vignette
  • Control Suits
    • Actuate
    • ComponentArt
    • ComponentOne
    • Data Dynamics
    • Dundas
    • Infragistics
    • LEAD Tools
    • Software FX
    • Telerik
    • /n software
  • Enterprise
    • BEA WebLogic
    • Citrix
    • IBM WebSphere
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