ASP Services Offers

Our service offerings are designed to match most commonly coming customer needs and are tailored to their business domain requirements.

Our services ranging from customised software development to enterprise engineering can help organisations to take an edge on their service offerings. Our services are focused to follow industry's latest technology standards making our solutions a better investment for today and for the future.

Our services spectrum can be broken down into these areas:

Custom Software Development

We can help organisations by building a technology solution based on their visualization of the problem. There are software applications which are sometimes unique and not usually built or sold by independent software vendors or software publishers or less featured and fulfill a small percentage of features required by an organisation. Our customised software development services are focused to help such needs.

Offshore Product Development

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and software publishers are always looking for new technology initiatives and new product ideas to address customer problems and target relevant industry of their wide business spectrum. ASP Solutions enables independent software vendors and software publishers to hold managed control over offshore product development and dramatically reduce product development and maintenance cost by incorporating our specialized global software product delivery services.

Application Testing

We offer independent Software Quality Assurance (SQA) testing services to organisations which ensure that their software application is rigorously tested with industry standard software quality assurance testing guidelines using latest methods and proven processes. We follow precise quality assurance testing procedures and work in accordance with the structured environment complying with ISO and SEI CMM standards.


Application Migration

We can help an organisation transform an aging dump terminal software solution into one of the most technologically advanced solution, enabling them to provide secure mobilitiy to users, expand the usability and add new features. In order to take full advantage of latest technology our business strategy is to mold existing technology infrastructure into today’s technology system while protecting current business processes including the process management of the current software application.

Hosted Application Development

Independent software vendors with enterprise and legacy applications are brazen out with manifold challenges relating to technology maintainability, application deployment, technology obsolescence, application upgradeability & scalability and the ability of their applications to interact with other 3rd party systems. Whilst offering unmatched customer experience, many customers require these custom and packaged solutions to be web-enabled and scalable so as to offer ease and expediency of resource manageability by the end-users. Our hosted application development services enable organisations to port their legacy applications into SaaS enabled solutions.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service help organisations quickly envision the application prototype by creating an incomplete model of the future full-featured application, which then organisations can use to take feedback of stakeholders. Our rapid prototyping services can greatly reduce costs by ensuring the generated prototype interface is certified by all stake holders of the software application.

Application Maintenance

Software publishers and organization which use customized software applications are faced with industry challenges which include up-gradation and improvement of the existing software application, specially when there is a new technology and trend being exploited by the competitor and needs to be immediately adopted by the existing software application. Our application maintenance services are specially designed to address these needs.

Enterprise Services

Every organization in the world is eagerly looking to take new technology initiatives with the growth of the business to compete on costs, acquire new shining customers on a top speed and overall better competition in their market sector. These new technology initiatives may include inception of mission critical applications in the organization using which an organization can have managed control on their operations and can satisfy increasing demands of their customers.

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