Offshore Product Development

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and software publishers are always looking for new technology initiatives and new product ideas to address customer problems and target relevant industry of their wide business spectrum. ASP Solutions enable organisations to hold managed control and dramatically reduce product development and maintenance cost associated with software product development by incorporating our specialized global software product delivery services.

Customization on the next level
Our offshore product development services empower independent software vendors (ISVs) to retain greater control over the architecture, design, coding standards, database standards, conventions, licensing controls and software devlivery models by establishing developer and sqa-engineer level relationships with offshore product development teams. Our offshore product development services also enable ISVs to incline up or incline down the number of resources assigned on a product development team based on priorities and budgets. In recent years, ASP has developed partnerships with several ISVs enablinbg them to establish their dedicated virtual offshore subsidary powered with high quality skill sets.

Our Services
ASP Solutions is a leading outsourced product development company and has focused this space of offshore product development since its inception. Our outsourced product development model delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Lifecycle services to independent software vendors and software publishers globally. ASP’s product development services ensures coverage of the full band of tasks involved in taking a product from prototyping, conceptualization, implementation, final delivery to product maintenance.

Product Requirements Specification
We are aware and experienced that a new product idea or implementation can be tricky where we do not have a fully approved requirements specification. For this specific reason we offer our integrated rapid prototyping services, which can be used at the beginning of the product envisioning to visualize the artefacts deemed after the completion of the product.

Product Rapid Prototyping
We drive innovations and validate new product ideas by visualizing ideas into functional prototypes enabling organisations, their stake holders and end users to validate the concepts of the end product.

Project Management
Since the product is developed offshore, we practice a highly managed and careful project management model of every software product, which includes usage of constant communication of broken down staff (i.e. developer-level communication, software quality engineer-level communication), weekly or two-weekly status updates and meetings, shared to-do lists and their pulicly availibility to product managers and development managers of our customer organisations. All of our team members use Microsoft SharePoint portal server to communicate and we encourage our customers to do as well. During all phases of a project, we try to keep our customers up-to-date of the current happenings.

Software Quality Assurance
With offer integrated software quality assurance services with our offshore product development, which includes automated and manual testing, unit testing and other kinds of testing necessary to ensure the robustness, error-freeness, security and the performance of the product. Every offshore product development team at ASP is assigned with software quality assurance team with the number of resources specified by a customer.

In the best practices of software product development, SQA professionals work directly under project manager to test the application and track the business requirements of the offshore product being developed. Our SQA team members are often observed being the right choice by a customer to connect non technical staff of our customers with our team members.

Requirements Tracking and Change Management
ASP employs solid requirement tracking and change management throughout the product development lifecycle. During the course of the product development, all the requirements and change management plans are initially publicized and fragmented across project stake and then taken to the next level of implementation using a unified way where it is assembled in the architecture of the application. Implementing these tested methodologies allow our customers to make software requirements highly traceable, thus simplifying the change management.

Development Support
In all phases of a software product development, software developers of the specific product, are also the core level implementers often faced with challenging problems which usually take more than anticipated time, and sometimes shaking the delivery schedules. To address such problems ASP holds specific highly-technical staff to address problems on time-to-time basis which may be encountered by developers of your offshore product development team.

What's Next
Since now you've read all this and have got a fair clue and understanding of the processes using which we provide offshore product development services, you may choose to contact us now or read our technical expertise.

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