ASP Solutions : The Company

ASP Solutions is specialized in business oriented technology solutions empowering companies to realize their business potential by combining ideas, latest technologies and human potential. We provide high quality offshore outsourcing services to enterprises worldwide which are cost effective, long-term returning and allows our customers to take the right highway for their technology needs.

Headquartered in port city of Karachi, Pakistan ASP brings together proven domain expertise and a high definition understanding of technology & business needs to become a trusted, reliable and long-term technology service provider for an organisation.

The Name
The name came from the idea of provider-oriented model in which a customer’s responsibilities are outsourced to a provider and taken high quality care, so that making less or no difference than that of in house. Further to this we have been specialized in working with connected and networked technology solutions spread over a number of tiers and technology feudal systems and this made us use the name ASP.

Homogeneous technology approach
Because of the reason that technology is changing and improving so fast, and looking at the mid 90’s problems of technology system integrations, we follow standardized approach while building technology solutions, consequently enabling our customers to value their investment for future use and enable them to improve their solutions with the growth of their businesses.

Discovering technology
We believe on innovative technology solutions which are built by mixing new and old technology and real life ideas. We just do not claim to be innovative, but every solution we built is somehow using technology in an innovative manner, allowing our customers to take an edge on their competitive market.

Value its people
We hire the best and we work with the best people in our industry. Our people grow with us enabling them to learn and provide solutions for upcoming challenging task so that we can better assist our customers with their needs.

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Projects' Expertise
  • Hosted Applications
    • SFA Systems
    • CRM Systems
    • Messaging Systems
    • Affiliate Management
    • Hotel GDS
    • Supply & Retail Management
    • Identity Management
  • Custom Applications 
    • Interactive Portals
    • Intelligent Agents
    • .NET & Legacy Integrations
    • Automated Task Handlers
    • Search Engine Crawlers
Technology Expertise
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0
    • ASP.NET/C#
    • Web Services
    • Atlas (Ajax)
    • SmartDevices
    • Windows Services
    • Packaging
    • Globalization
  • SQL Server 2005
    • IS, OLTP
    • BI, OLAP
  • Web
    • SOA
    • ISAPI, Handlers
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