Application Maintenance

Software publishers and organisation which use customised software applications are faced with industry challenges which include up-gradation and improvement of the existing software application, specially when there is a new technology and trend being exploited by the competitor and needs to be immediately adopted by the existing software application, there is a need of trusted software development partner which can transform day to day challenges and improvements into the existing application, thus making software publisher and the organisation meet customer requirements, industry standards and better compete in the industry.

Our Services
ASP Solutions offer short-run, long-run and pilot-run application maintenance services which ensure you to move to the fast lane into your line of business while requesting enhancements in your application. Whenever there is a requirement of enhancement in your existing software application, you can take us in your consideration to avoid tremendous strain on your internal resources, and move the responsibility of taking care of the enhancements in your software application to us so that we can deliver you with in the feasible time and cost.

Professional service to use
ASP solutions has matured with convenient processes of software application maintenance, which allows effective encapsulation, implementation and reporting of software maintenance requests. Our software maintenance services are governed and covered by our service level agreement-powered delivery framework, which covers:
  • Request tracking and management
  • Workaround and Resolution Management
  • Reporting and Acceptance of Resolution

Multiple types of consultancy
We can also offer you software consultancy on the following outlook plans for your software applications of your company:
  • Transformation of the software application
  • Rejuvenation of the software application
  • Retirement of the software application
  • Consolidation of features of the software application
  • Replacement of the software application

Business Benefits
There are many long term and short term business benefits of having your software application maintained and enhanced from us, to a name a few, these are:
  • Improving stability and performance of the your mission-critical software applications
  • Continuous improvements in your quality of service
  • Regain the focus on your energies to emphasis on other strategic initiatives
  • Keep your software applications aligned with the latest industry standards of software technologies
  • Cut total cost of ownership of your software application, consequently empowering you to invest intelligently in your strategic IT initiatives

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Technology Expertise
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0
    • ASP.NET/C#
    • Web Services
    • Atlas (Ajax)
    • SmartDevices
    • Windows Services
    • Packaging
    • Globalization
  • SQL Server 2005
    • IS, OLTP
    • BI, OLAP
  • Web
    • SOA
    • ISAPI, Handlers
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