Hosted Application Development

Independent software vendors with enterprise and legacy applications are brazen out with manifold challenges relating to technology maintainability, application deployment, technology obsolescence, application upgradeability & scalability and the ability of their applications to interface with 3rd party systems. Whilst offering unmatched customer experience, many customers require these custom and packaged solutions to be web-enabled and scalable so as to offer ease and expediency of resource manageability by the end-users.

Industry tailored solutions
There is a diversified market and potential in multiple business sectors around the globe which require customised, industry-tailored and customer-demand-oriented solutions. Having this idea in mind ASP Solutions have designed hosted application development services to meet the best of customer demands allowing them to offer solutions which are shared and customised on a manner using which a user sees it fit.

New hosted application
There are a number of considerations and special requirements to be considered while building a hosted application. One of the key points to be discussed is the business model of which an ISV plans to go ahead with, which includes pay per user types, pay per period duration, or establishing complex pricing slabs and packages into the system.

Along with the business model of the hosted application, another parts which require consideration is the level and modes of scalability a system is designed for, which includes the number of users per standard hardware, the number of information rows in a database which can be operated in a pre-set standard server configuration, application response time and latency when running in full resource consumption mode, and a lot more.

ASP Solutions ensures indepenedent software vendors that we possess the best industry standard skills to establish, create and operate an application on a service-provider model. You can either partnership on built-only or built-update or on BOT model.

An application from the past
We have the right experience and skills to provide a comprehensive solution which require ground-up modeling and migration of an older non-asp application to a service oriented model. We can re-engineer your application by modeling and documenting the business processes of the application to address and comparing these with the processes currently supported. The new provider-enabled application can be developed and deployed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) with a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. We can transform your legacy solution into a rich shared resourced web-based application which can be deployed as a hosted application and supports feature described above.

Maintenance and Support
ASP Solutions has noteworthy experience and skills in providing hosted application development and maintenance services to independent software vendors spanning to diverse domains such as finance, customer management, sales management, hospitality, commodities, manufacturing and education.

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