Rapid Prototyping

ASP Solutions help companies visualize the application by creating an incomplete model of the future full-featured application, which can be used to let the users have a first idea of the completed program and allow the clients to evaluate the application.

Throwaway prototyping services
Our throwaway prototyping services can be used by independent software vendors (ISVs) and organisation to help gather and approve preliminary software requirements from employees, customers and stake holders of a software development project. In this service a simple working model of the software application is constructed to visually compile the requirements in meaningful mockups and wire frames, so that it enable users and stake holders to have a better idea of what their software requirements will look like when they are completely implemented into the form of a finished software application.

Evolutionary prototyping services
Our evolutionary prototyping services are designed take the next level advantage from conceptual prototyping by utilizing artifacts of prototyping into the real software development practices and following iterative software development model. In our evolutionary prototyping services developers focus on developing parts and individual modules of the system instead of the complete application, and then focus on those areas to make them real working software applications.

Why use Rapid Prototyping services?
First and the far most convincing reason of our rapid prototyping service is the improved quality of the software requirements specification provided at the end of the practice to developers, thus ensuring that the developers who are core implementers of the system get exact and in-depth knowledge of the software application deemed by the end users into the software requirements specification and business requirements specification documents.

Secondly rapid prototyping reduce the chances of having developers and the business users go out of synchronization at any stage of the project development. Because the changes in the software requirements specification and their understanding take more time and cost, the only solution that fits to address this issue is rapid prototyping.

Third and one of the most important advantage of the rapid prototyping is that the user is involved in an increasing and improved manner in all software project development. Since the users are involved in specification development, feedback assessment, so the chance of their acceptance of the end user product dramatically improves and confirms the wide-acceptance of the end product amongst stake holders.

Methods we utilize
There are a number of methods we utilize based on the customer needs in order to visualize the application while rapid prototyping a software application. We utilize operational and evolutionary prototyping methodologies in order to develop reality-oriented prototypes, of which the depth of their details depends on the customer demands and the level of complexity the application has.

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