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In today’s world technology is moving fast as the customer demands and the need for a rock solid solution to fulfill the need of customers and help employees of an organisation better realize potential and use the technology. In order to take full advantage of latest technology business strategy is to mold existing technology infrastructure into today’s most advanced technology system while protecting current business processes including the way a process is managed with the current application software.

Does it really worth migrating?
This is an undisputed business strategy to improve and transform the existing technology infrastructure to latest technology available to date, but while considering a unified transformation process it’s always a better idea to make sure that the investment done in migration lasts for a longer period.

Migrating to a solid platform
Microsoft® .NET is a technology platform built on top of a managed programming model, which allows organisations to built and operate high-standard technology solutions which are secure, robust, highly scalable, fast to get developed as compared with other frameworks and guarantees that the investment acquired for the system development becomes a long term asset for the organisation.

Why software application migration is important?
  • Existing software application is difficult to enhance, create new features
  • Technology is obsolete now and its far more difficult to find resources to enhance and modify the existing system
  • Current software application is not scalable
  • Software application has become slow with the handling of larger information blocks which have introduced with the passage of time
  • Existing software application does not allow web based access so that it can be accessed in a shared and privilege-defined environment
  • Current software application can not integrate and share data with other mission critical applications being run in the organisation

Why migrate your existing software application to Microsoft® .NET?
  • Improved, robust, shared and secure retrieval and processing of information
  • Higher level of scalability, add-on to internet, connect multiple branches of office locations with ease, integrate smart device access to application like mobile devices and other 3rd party hardware
  • Easy of development and practicing industry standards while developing software application thus allowing easy modifications and protecting investment
  • XML web services based connectors allowing application to integrate with any other application built for any platform and operating system
  • Ease of deployment with less or no requirement of client side installations
  • Advanced and robust features of security, caching and validating, thus ensuring the perfect mix of technology in the solution

Our services
ASP Solutions helps organisation migrate to and built on Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. With experience of developing general purpose and specialized software applications since the release of Microsoft .NET platform, ASP helped many organisations realize the value of the software application while giving them a technology and business curve on their competitors. From integrated notifications, intelligent software decision making components, multi-platform components which allowed Microsoft .NET interoperability with other legacy systems like Sun® powered Java platform, IBM® powered DB2 on AS400 database platform, ASP enabled customers to take the full advantage of industry standard technology integrations.

While you outsource your existing application migration to us, we will ensure you that the specifications that are mutually built for the migration of your existing software application dramatically improves the performance, scalability, security and proves to be a strategic move for a long term business management.

Why ASP Solutions
We stand out in application migration services because of our proven experience and technology skills available in our offshore software outsourcing company. We have a strong expertise of Microsoft .NET application migration on to multiple technology platforms. Our team consisting of Microsoft Certified Professionals, MCADs and MCSDs has provided an effective endeavor fruition strategy to our customers in discovering the correct roadmap and approach to migrate from existing legacy systems at lower costs and enjoy the unmatchable benefits of Microsoft’s .NET to reduce software time to market, maximize employee productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Our Microsoft .NET migration program includes
  • - Migrating existing application completely to Microsoft .NET platform
  • - Migrating areas of existing application which require constant improvement based on the customer feedback and employee requirements to Microsoft .NET
  • - Migrating the background core of the application to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 editions

Our Microsoft .NET application migration services comprises
  • - Our assessment tier of the migration service help you decide which parts to remain untouched, ported, rebuilt or brought
  • - Gives you the selection options for the environment and information retrieval and storage
  • - Gives you options for the future support and implementation services

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