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Microsoft® .NET Framework is a powerful platform for building rich, robust, connected and secure information systems. Initially released in year 2002, Microsoft .NET changed the way software development is done by giving a managed control over software development practices and enabling new applications to communicate with legacy system with ease.

In late year 2007 Microsoft released Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5, which dramatically improved the developer experience and powered global software development teams to collaboratively develop information systems.

ASP Solutions achieved earlier excellence in Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0/3.5, beginning from its beta and CTP (community technology preview) releases and currently possess highly skilled and specialized teams.

Specialized Microsoft .NET Workforce
The Microsoft .NET Team is staffed with MCADs and MCSDs with high quality certified expertise in applications development using Microsoft .NET Framework. Our teams focus on development and maintenance of custom applications using C#, VB.NET, AJAX, Managed C++ on the .NET environment and .NET compact Framework by incorporating their solid experience and in depth knowledge of the technology domain.

We utilize Microsoft's best development practices and uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite Editions with the power of Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

In recent years we have developed a number of high-end Microsoft .NET powered applications for our customers, some of them having more than 200 thousand lines of efficiently written code.

Customized Agile Microsoft Solutions Framework
ASP Solutions has developed software development and management methodologies internally which inherit the power of Microsoft Solutions Framework and are customised to suit any size of outsourced software development need. Our customised agile Microsoft Solutions Framework help our development teams to jump-start software development, without worrying for the in depth intricacies from end users and stake holders, thus offering consistent & aesthetic UIs, File I/O operations, exception handling, session and cache management.

our customised agile Microsoft Solutions Framework

Integrated Testing with Development
We've a general standard operating procedure for created automated unit tests of individual stubs of code of an application using Visual Studio. This ensures that the end product we deliver is tested and verified on individual fragment-code level.

Visual Studio Industry Partner
ASP Solutions is a Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner, which enables us to build on top of Microsoft Visual Studio, that includes developing and enhancing add-ons and plug-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio, most of which are utilized in our in-house offshore development to enhance and improve the core development.

Visual Studio Industry Partner

Microsoft .NET Specific Capabilities
We posses specialized .NET technical expertise which can be defined in these subsets:
  • Distributed
    • Web services extensions, customised SOAP, XSDs, session based web services
    • .NET Enterprise Services, customised remoting
    • Customized Sun® RPC connectors for .NET
    • Enterprise reporting
    • Compact Framework (Microsoft SQL Server CE, web services collaboration)
  • .NET Core Functionalities
    • Multithreading (asynchronous, thread safe UIs, thread pools)
    • Serialization (selective, versioning based)
    • Globalization (multi-lingual applications)
    • .NET Reflection (code DOM management, custom attributes, auto generation of proxy)
    • Windows Services (complex threaded background running windows services)
    • Configuration management (custom configuration handling sections, shared configurations, encryption)
  • Database
    • Disconnected (customised record attachment and detachment)
    • Connection Pooling (maximum pools, shared pools)
    • Information exposing on web services
    • Dynamic binding and provider models
    • SQLCLR (plugging custom utilities, distributing business logic across db)
  • Web
    • Advanced Ajax framework (one-window application operations, porting desktop applications to web application)
    • Live AJAX Grid View controls (enabling PUSH mechanism on http protocol)
    • Enabling XHTML1.0 Strict conformation
    • Caching (fragmented and input based)
    • HTTP Handlers (ASP.NET based and ISAPI based)
    • MiniBrowser desktop applications (using http.sys module)
  • Visual Studio
    • VS Team Suite Editions (expertise with using Architects, Developers and Testers editions)
    • VS Team Foundation Server (working in distributed environment)
    • Add-ons (for refactoring, pattern based text replacement in code, automated building and testing)
    • ACT and debugging tools

For a complete list of expertise we posses, you can check our Technical Expertise section.

Microsoft .NET Project Experience
Below is a list of recent projects developed for our customers entirely on Microsoft .NET Version 2.0 and 3.0.

  • ASP.NET Live Ajax GridView for stock quotes
  • Hotel Management and GDS Supplier System
  • LDAP based Identity Management System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Newsletter Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Event Management and Booking System
  • Spread Stock Trading Platform
  • Medical Blood and Tissue Bank Platform
  • Trading Marketplace Platform

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3rd Party Expertise
  • Applications 
    • ACT!
    • Ariba
    • EPI Server
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Percussion
    • Siebel
    • Stellent
    • Vignette
  • Control Suits
    • Actuate
    • ComponentArt
    • ComponentOne
    • Data Dynamics
    • Dundas
    • Infragistics
    • LEAD Tools
    • Software FX
    • Telerik
    • /n software
  • Enterprise
    • BEA WebLogic
    • Citrix
    • IBM WebSphere
Projects' Expertise
  • Hosted Applications
    • SFA Systems
    • CRM Systems
    • Messaging Systems
    • Affiliate Management
    • Hotel GDS
    • Supply & Retail Management
    • Identity Management
  • Custom Applications 
    • Interactive Portals
    • Intelligent Agents
    • .NET & Legacy Integrations
    • Automated Task Handlers
    • Search Engine Crawlers
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