Offshore Software Development

Our offshore outsourcing services are the best option for companies looking to minimize their costs associated with their software development without negotiating on quality and standards of the software development. Our offshore software development will cut your application development and maintenance costs dramatically and will result in highly improved return on investment.

Your standards, our skills
When we develop software application for you, we follow strict standards and conventions by default. We also offer our customers to supply their own coding, database naming & testing standards and conventions. The way we do offshore software development using your standards have a number of benefits, which are:
  • When you receive the source code and databases, it makes a lot of sense to you because it is styled, commented, and programmed in the manner you had specified.
  • When your internal team assess our code they find it convenient to understand and modify
  • If you have outsourced only a part of your team to us and your team is connected to us using old style Visual SourceSafe or Team Foundation Server, this will enable your team to easily synchronize with our offshore development center.
  • Suppose you plan to modify the application in-house, even after 5 years, you will have all the standards and the best practices used to develop your application documented, thus making all the source codes, database, and architect diagrams making lot of sense to your team.

Our customers trust our offshore software development services because we mean business to them and believe in result-driven services which at the end become business-oriented.

Our services
You can outsource your full application software related services from prototyping, visualization, design thru development and testing or get a part of the application developed by us.

Flexible engagement models
While sorting your options to outsource your offshore software development to us, you will find our engagement models valuable, which will give you dynamic and flexible choices of outsourcing your services to us.

Technology skills which matter
We’re a company with right mixture of technology skills, specialized in Microsoft® technologies, we empower backend software development teams of our customers by putting our latest Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, ASP.NET and Ajax skills together.

Constant communication and customer support
When working with a service provider, communication is the key. Having this concept in our methodology, we have established dedicated communication mediums to support all offshore software development needs of our customers. Our software development teams conduct frequent online meetings, telephone conversation and instant messaging with project managers and stake holders of our customers, allowing them to get immediate project updates and investigate latest developments.

If your staged software application goes live or become release candidate, you become eligible for development customer support which allows you to communicate with developers and have resolution of your problems on need basis.

Quality Development Company
High quality software development is always our highest priority. No matter in which engagement model you are availing our services, all of our staff is instructed to maintain a high quality development standard because we believe that every customer makes a different to us. On top of the SOPs we follow strict software quality assurance checks to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality all time.

Security measures at our company
We take security as a serious practice at our company. From emails being encrypted using PKI/SMIME based encryptions, usage secure FTP protocol and RSA secure cards; we implement individual security policy per team/resource as requested by our customer.

Let us consult your needs
If you are interested in knowing more about how we can help you in our software development needs, contact us now.

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3rd Party Expertise
  • Applications 
    • ACT!
    • Ariba
    • EPI Server
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Percussion
    • Siebel
    • Stellent
    • Vignette
  • Control Suits
    • Actuate
    • ComponentArt
    • ComponentOne
    • Data Dynamics
    • Dundas
    • Infragistics
    • LEAD Tools
    • Software FX
    • Telerik
    • /n software
  • Enterprise
    • BEA WebLogic
    • Citrix
    • IBM WebSphere
Technology Expertise
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0
    • ASP.NET/C#
    • Web Services
    • Atlas (Ajax)
    • SmartDevices
    • Windows Services
    • Packaging
    • Globalization
  • SQL Server 2005
    • IS, OLTP
    • BI, OLAP
  • Web
    • SOA
    • ISAPI, Handlers
Projects' Expertise
  • Hosted Applications
    • SFA Systems
    • CRM Systems
    • Messaging Systems
    • Affiliate Management
    • Hotel GDS
    • Supply & Retail Management
    • Identity Management
  • Custom Applications 
    • Interactive Portals
    • Intelligent Agents
    • .NET & Legacy Integrations
    • Automated Task Handlers
    • Search Engine Crawlers
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