Contacting Support

Our support programs are designed to assist our customers in a professional, technical, business-oriented and result-oriented manner, enabling our customers to have a minimize downtimes, and empowering them to have a consistent and solid business continuity.

You can contact our support engineers using two manners, one way using the support center and another way by fax/telephone or email. We encourage you to use support center because it allows us to better track your problems, is secure and allows us to collect statistical data in order to improve our support for future.

However if you would like to contact support by other means than support center, be sure that:
- You have your account number handy/included.
- Your support period is not expired
- You have read our FAQs

Once you are sure to have these things ready, you can go to our contact page and drop an email/fax or call us.

Projects' Expertise
  • Hosted Applications
    • SFA Systems
    • CRM Systems
    • Messaging Systems
    • Affiliate Management
    • Hotel GDS
    • Supply & Retail Management
    • Identity Management
  • Custom Applications 
    • Interactive Portals
    • Intelligent Agents
    • .NET & Legacy Integrations
    • Automated Task Handlers
    • Search Engine Crawlers
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