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As an independent software vendor, market and shareholder pressures are driving you to reconsider your business model in order to accommodate two competing requirements: the need to invest to protect and enhance your market position, and the never-ending pressure to reduce costs. To resolve this paradox, a growing number of ISVs are turning to outsourcing because it allows them to become more proactive to the dynamics of the market.

Outsourcing is the full externalization of any (or all) technology-facing functions in an ISV's organisation. In other words, functions previously performed by the ISV become the responsibility of a service partner such as ASP.

ASP's outsourcing offer covers the following activities within the ASP Outsourcing Services portfolio:
Bespoke Software Projects Offshore Product Design & Development Offshore Product Maintenance / Testing In an outsourcing partnership, ASP takes over the associated workforce and offers full offshore integration.

By leveraging our operational experience, an ASP outsourcing solution can deliver a number of benefits:
  • Reduced costs, through the synergies that ASP can create with other businesses
  • A fresh view of existing solutions leading to improved efficiency
  • Better market focus for the ISV, leaving the technology management to a software specialist
  • Better time-to-market for new technology-based products through the ready availability of experienced resources
Our partners feel very comfortable while working with our offshore teams because of the reason that:
  • We have a very friendly English speaking environment
  • Our teams are technical as well as business oriented, making your integration and business logic needs making more sense here
  • We offer abstract level team integration, developer level and managerial level contacts
  • Single point of contact to manage your relationship with ASP
ASP is the leader in the outsourcing of software development platforms, managing customer operations around the world. Our experience covers:
  • Specialized focus on Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Software Publishers
  • On Demand customization of operations
  • Seamless communication, ability to reprioritize.
  • Onsite consulting
  • Highly defined and standardized documentation
  • Complete IP ownership, work for hire basis

If you are interesting in becoming our partner please contact us.

Partner Program
3rd Party Expertise
  • Applications 
    • ACT!
    • Ariba
    • EPI Server
    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Percussion
    • Siebel
    • Stellent
    • Vignette
  • Control Suits
    • Actuate
    • ComponentArt
    • ComponentOne
    • Data Dynamics
    • Dundas
    • Infragistics
    • LEAD Tools
    • Software FX
    • Telerik
    • /n software
  • Enterprise
    • BEA WebLogic
    • Citrix
    • IBM WebSphere
Technology Expertise
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0
    • ASP.NET/C#
    • Web Services
    • Atlas (Ajax)
    • SmartDevices
    • Windows Services
    • Packaging
    • Globalization
  • SQL Server 2005
    • IS, OLTP
    • BI, OLAP
  • Web
    • SOA
    • ISAPI, Handlers
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